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Beta: Malmö Play is all about digital experiences.
Malmö Play – A digital destination and platform for Esports. Gaming. Streaming.
Malmö Play is a new thrilling and unique digital concept combining esports, gaming, and streaming.
Redefining the next-gen gaming experience. A thrilling 2.0 digital playground, for all ages.
We’re aiming to become one of Scandinavias biggest esports and gaming venues.

Malmö Play’s business concept is to offer unique digital game experiences, in a sustainable way.
We’re part of a group united by a passions and will to place Malmö on the world map.

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Meet and make new friends. 🙂

Beta: Malmö Play aims to provide an environment where people to connect, and make new friends.
Malmö Play a thrilling esports and gaming destination. Join our flag, the Malmö Play team.

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We ❤ video!
Malmö Play the next-gen social destination.
We aim to create a place for everyone, where you can meet and make new friends.
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• Malmö Play
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• Bitquick
• Malmhattan
• Nyhamnen

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A big warm welcome to all new Danish and International gamers joining us.

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We are on a mission to put Malmö Game, Game Malmö, Malmö Play, Play Malmö, Bitquick, Nyhamnen, Nyhamnen Arena, Nyhamnen Live and Malmhattan on the world map.

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Malmhattan - Future Malmö (1.300.000 views)


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